Human Resources Suite

for iPhone 4 & 5

The Complete Human Resources Solution


HR Suite is the ideal human resources management solution. Combining an innovative timesheet module and a comprehensive directory, HR Suite provides the tools that every manager needs all in one convenient application. HR Suite’s array of functions are easy to access and simple to understand, bringing together the usability of a mobile application and the power of comprehensive human resources tools into one sleek application. The application is modeled on out-of-the-box SAP business processes, is customizable and scalable, and business-secure.


HR Suite’s Timesheet module is a stylish, innovative new take on the traditional timesheet model. You can view and edit timesheets and leave requests, presented in a comprehensive yet easily accessible fashion.

Manager Functionality

HR Suite comes equipped with both regular user as well as manager functionalities. Managers can approve or reject timesheets and leave requests, as well as view and edit employee information in the directory. With these modules, regular users and managers can both benefit from using the same application.

Scalable and Customizable

HR Suite is built to run with any backend data, including SAP business processes. The application can be tailored to suit any business demands and workforce.


The Directory module is an ideal workforce management solution. From this directory, you can view a detailed employee information sheet, including location, department, and phone number. From this module you can bring up a map to see the employee’s location and even send them an email directly through the application.

  • Lightweight and fast
  • Approve and reject timesheets and leave requests
  • All-in-one employee profiles
  • Customizable and scalable
  • Maps and email integration
  • SUP security