Healthcare 2.0


Med Sales is built for sales representatives who need to manage and submit purchase orders on-the-go. The app is perfect for medical equipment sales reps who are assigned to regions that need to place orders for hospitals, doctors, or organizations. The application can be customized to feed into SAP ERP systems or any backend data source. It offers a smart, intuitive experience for sales reps and customers that need to process orders quickly and efficiently.


Intuitive Interface

Tired of clunky and confusing applications? MedSales’ roadmap feature allows only one active module at a time for a simplified, step-by-step user experience. A streamlined interface means fewer mistakes and better performance.

Precision Performance

Welcome to the mobile future of healthcare. Easily-searchable regions, hospitals, doctors, organizations, and items/products gives you the information you need, when you need it. Make better business decisions and increase productivity, all from within one application.

Go Paperless

Adopt the best practices for your business. Because MedSales is entirely electronic, it replaces manual entry by billing departments and saves the hassle of physical order forms and receipts as well as the environment. Stay updated, stay efficient.

  • Roadmap step-by-step search
  • Real-time pricing information
  • Customizable
  • Faxing capability
  • Instant order submission
  • Email order confirmation
  • Paperless sales
  • Revenue tracking
  • Sales rep performance