Item Manager

for iPhone

Intelligent Inventory Management


Item Manager is an iOS application that simplifies and enhances the inventory management process by utilizing the power of mobility. Whether you run a shop out of your home or own multiple storefronts, Item Manager will track and store all of your items with ease. The innovative interface allows the user to scan in and view items quickly. Searching for items and checking stock is simple and fast, so managing even the largest warehouses is possible through the application.

Check-in/out System

What makes Item Manager stand out the most is its simple yet ingenious item loaner system. No need to manually search through your database, our smart search function and barcode scanner will instantly bring up the item you are looking for. Item Manager will also store borrowers’ names for future use. A Loaner History has been included as well.

Scan and Go Functionality

Item Manager allows barcodes to be scanned in via the iOS device’s camera, so inputting new items into the database is as simple as taking a picture. The application also allows item information to be viewed immediately upon scanning an existing item, reducing mislabeling or other errors. Item Manager also pairs with certain external scanners. Please see below for a list of supported brands.

Detailed Inventory View

Item Manager gives the user a simple and informative view of their inventory. Items are separated into categories and subcategories for thorough organization and listed with an image for easy identification. Our intuitive search function allows a user to locate an item by using any identifiers (i.e.: item name, barcode number, etc.).

External Scanner Integration

Item Manager fully integrates with scanners developed by Code, Infinite Peripherals, and Honeywell. Please contact us if you are interested in purchasing one.

  • Quick and efficient item addition process
  • Thorough inventory organization
  • Straightforward check-in/out process
  • Smart search function
  • External scanner integration