Recruitment Manager

for iPhone 4, 5, & iPad

Human Resources Unwired


Recruitment Manager is an application designed to enable consulting and contracting firms to manage their consultant/contractor database. Recruitment Manager helps categorize consultant/contractor information and has three core modules that provide consultant information, a search function, and a calendar to schedule interviews or follow-ups. The application can be customized to the user’s liking to pull data from any different data source, such as a MySQL database, a web service, an SAP process, or through the Sybase Unwired Server. Recruitment Manager uses all of the common Enterprise Business Services that are the most useful for HR managers.

Powerful Search

Recruitment Manager empowers your HR department with a multi-featured search function perfect for discerning human resources managers. The ability to search by consultant specialty or training means you can always reach who you need, with speed and ease.

Scheduling Calendar

Recruitment Manager’s calendar is the perfect tool for keeping schedules on-track and all in one place. The user can schedule interviews and add appointments, all without leaving the application.

Safe and Secure

Because Recruitment Manager is available for Sybase Unwired Platform, your company contacts are completely secure on your mobile device. Freedom and security, a powerful combination!

  • Search consultants
  • View candidate information
  • View resumes
  • Detailed contact cards
  • Ease of access
  • SUP security