Wholesale Empowered by Mobility


Wholesale Distributors sales reps need up-to-date relevant information and the ability to place orders in a timely fashion. They need a reliable updated information on their product availability and be able to place sales orders from a mobile device using an easy, quick step-by-step workflow ordering process. WD Sales represents more than just wholesale from a tablet: it is a comprehensive ordering system supercharged with mobility.

Smart Searching

Complicated interfaces are overwhelming and can lead to errors and wasted time. WD Sales allows users to bring up exactly the information they need with the roadmap user interface, sorting vendors and customers by region, industry, and product information.

All-in-One Mobile Solution

WD Sales is just what wholesale vendors and sales reps need as an end-to-end solution. Mobility enables wholesale vendors to approach their method of sales in a whole new way.

Ordering and Reports

Sending orders is simple with WD Sales. Users can place and edit items in the order and easily view relevant product information, such as stock supply and item ID. With a scanner peripheral attached, items can even be scanned directly into the cart! Orders can also be saved for later and viewed as part of the sales reports functionality.

  • Roadmap step-by-step search
  • Real-time pricing information
  • Customizable
  • Scanning capability
  • Smart product suggestions
  • Email reciept
  • Sales reports and tracking
  • Revenue tracking
  • Wireless ordering