Design Thinking and Innovation at SAPPHIRE was a Great Sight to See

This year’s SAP SAPPHIRE 2013 event was definitely one that I was glad I didn’t miss. Innovation, new product launches and Design Thinking were everywhere for customers to experience.

Most interesting was seeing the new Design Thinking pavilion at Sapphire. After attending our first Design Thinking Session at SAP HQ in Palo Alto with our partners Ingram Micro, I was beginning to think whether SAP was really changing and putting effort into Design Thinking. Boy was I was wrong. SAP has totally put a lot (and I mean a lot) into changing its approach to innovation and user experience and interfaces. Gone are the days of those simple, boring and customer-hating blue screens that powered its core ERP engines. Customers will rejoice at what the future is going to hold for SAP.

Keeping simple things simple with SAP Fiori – SAP launched Fiori, a collection of apps that are simple, easy-to-use, and provide an intuitive user experience for the most-used SAP functions. The initial release includes 25 apps covering business functions like workflow approvals and information look-ups. These apps address 45% of SAP system usage and 80% of SAP users. “We are on a mission to renew the experience across all of our applications. Users demand simplicity and ease of use, and SAP Fiori brings this experience to our customers.” -  Vishal Sikka, CTO SAP.

Mobile was a lot bigger than last year and with Rapid’s app on display at the Mobility campus, I was really looking forward to it. Some of the key SAP announcements that SAP had around mobility were:

Secure mobile devices at $1.11 with SAP Mobile Secure – an enterprise mobility management solution that provides customers with enterprise-grade security for devices, apps and content. SAP Mobile Secure also offers a new software-as-a-service (SaaS) solution, with the cloud edition of the SAP Afaria mobile device management solution to help companies quickly and easily secure and manage mobile devices for only one Euro per device per month.

App security and management: SAP today also announced a partnership with leading mobile security vendor Mocana. The SAP Mobile App Protection solution by Mocana helps organizations accelerate mobile app security. App-wrapping technology enables enterprises to quickly secure existing corporate and third-party applications without having to write any code. In addition, SAP Store offers a white-label mobile app distribution storefront, including secure distribution of internally developed and purchased third-party apps.

Mobile Content security: SAP launched the SAP Mobile Documents solution earlier this year, designed for enterprise deployments where collaboration, security and control of business content are critical. Users can access, view and collaborate on personal and corporate content in an easy-to-use, native mobile app.

The future is bright and I am glad that SAP is looking at new product innovations. Rapid has always maintained a knack for innovating with our customers and pushing the boundaries of mobility. That’s why this year we had on display some of our most innovative solutions for mobility in healthcare with our iOS peripherals integrated with barcode scanning and bluetooth wireless printing on display at the SAP Mobile Campus.



I also saw something from SAP that was quite revolutionary. Bringing augmented reality to the enterprise – SAP Mobile showcased a smart glasses solution for the manufacturing industry for warehousing; in field data collection.

And finally SAP’s new focus on fashion and sports – The interactive demos on display at SAPPHIRE showcased consumer solutions for fashion and sports industries. SAP’s fashion app My Runway is now available for download in the US.. Attendees experienced first-hand how SAP is working with NBA, SF 49ers, Sony Open, and McLaren. You can also see the video I shot of the whole Mclaren Experience which was pretty mind blowing in terms of the data feedback that was being sent back to the iPad Application.

Overall a great SAPPHIRE event this year, innovation, design thinking and innovative Mobile Apps. And the icing on the cake was meeting the man himself at the helm of the 3rd largest software company the Co-CEO of SAP Mr Bill McDermott. You can see pictures of the event on our facebook page.

Founder/President and Chief Mobility Officer