Education to Employment in the Tech Industry

It’s no surprise to any recent college graduate that finding lasting employment is becoming more and more difficult. Unemployment is surprisingly high among youth, even college graduates: a report by the McKinsey Center found that over 75 million youth worldwide are unemployed. The debate between going to college or getting some early work experience is getting more intense. Industry moguls like Peter Thiel advocate ignoring college and persuing “entrepreneurial ambitions” instead. Here at Rapid, we understand that the employment world is rather unforgiving, and it isn’t going to get friendlier anytime soon. That’s why our whole team is so devoted to building vital and relevant skills for the tech industry.

The McKinsey study is deeper than just unemployment statistics. According to the study, half of young college graduates are unsure that their postsecondary education has improved their chances of landing a job. In addition to this troubling number, nearly forty percent of employers claim that “lack of skills” is the main reason for entry-level vacancies. These figures combined indicate that even if an applicant received a degree from a prestigious academy, the main factor relevant to their odds of being hired is their skills. Skills are developed through work experience in general, certainly, but far more valuable is a learning experience at the workplace. The study demonstrates the importance of “time, skills, and money” provided in the workplace, all three of which are vital pieces of a whole that makes a candidate capable and prepared for employment.

At Rapid, we’re always looking for young talent, especially college students at the nearby University of California, Irvine. We provide that vital first step towards lasting, meaningful employment through developing valuable skillsets. Staying on top of tech trends and learning-by-doing are absolutely essential in the world of tech, and because Rapid is always pushing the limits of current technology, we can offer the best kind of experience to our employees. Education-to-employment programs are the key to providing the kind of workforce necessary for the evolution and revolution of the tech industry, and Rapid is proud to offer such a program.

Our training begins with a two-week trial period, in which a new intern is assigned a special project. These projects vary, but most involve a special ground-up coding project for the intern to complete. In addition to this hands-on training, the intern is able to come to our developers for help, which builds a great office community while keeping everyone informed and their skills sharp. After their project is complete, and if they’ve proven themselves ready to join the team, the more rigorous training begins. They’ll learn iOS, SAP platforms such as SUP and HANA, and Rapid’s coding standards and version control. With these tools our candidates will be well-versed in vital mobile development techniques and standards.

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