Rapid Develops New Flat UI Design Interface for SRM UI Add-On

One of the biggest pieces of news to come out of SAPPHIRE NOW 2013 was SAP’s SRM (Supplier Relationship Management) new direction: towards easy-to-use material management and procurement software and away from complex grids and spreadsheets.

The old design: clunky, colorless, and difficult to understand.

As this article from enterpriseirregulars points out, “many P2P implementations are cumbersome, clunky and make it difficult for the casual user to find what they’re looking for.” Fortunately SAP has recognized this shortcoming and is working to re-skin its outdated software with a new focus on touchscreens and mobile devices.

Rapid has taken onboard a project that will serve as a kind of template for SAP SRM interfaces across multiple devices. We wanted to focus on bright colors by which information is easily communicated as well as a clean, tile-based interface (made popular by Windows 8) that would be both deeply informative and naturally smooth on touchscreens.

Our bright, clean, and functional design shown across multiple platforms.

The goal was to create a multi-platform, intuitive, touchscreen-based interface that could update SAP’s SRM to make material procurement less taxing and more mobile at the same time. The design philosophy was simple: design a template-based interface that would allow the same design aesthetics to spread across multiple platforms and devices for maximum usability and low cost to implement. The same design features could be used on iOS and Android devices as well as web services. Built with HTML5 and Ajax, the updated interface should be an ideal fit for mobile devices as well as on the web.

Here’s a video of our design in action on a HP touchscreen computer running Windows 8:

The design is still in alpha testing but we’re thrilled by the results so far.