Rapid Enters SAP Wholesale Distribution Industry Mobile App Challenge 2013

Rapid is ready for another app challenge! We have entered SAP’s Wholesale Distribution Industry Mobile App Challenge 2013. The grand prize is a valuable marketing opportunity, an in-person award ceremony, and a whopping 10,000 Euros!

SAP and Rapid both understand the power of mobility and app solutions. This contest is designed to promote solutions in the wholesale distribution industry and engage enterprise mobility companies to invent creative and empowering solutions in that field. Using the SAP mobile platform, the business environment can adapt to the mobile trend and develop solutions in delivery, sales, and other fields directly benefitting wholesale distribution.

The contest applicants will receive mentoring by industry experts, the chance to take on high-profile use cases, SAP coaching, co-marking opportunities, and media exposure. With all of these advantages, Rapid hopes to take a huge step into the wholesale industry and find innovative ways to improve wholesale distribution from the ground up with mobility.

Keep up with us for updates on this contest and wish us luck!

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