Rapid on Apps and Solutions

Since Rapid began the process of shifting focus to mobile applications, our team has been working hard to create a diverse selection of enterprise-grade applications. Our apps have evolved in form and function over the span of Rapid’s development, especially in 2013. We’ve seen our app offerings grow from four or five to, as of this writing, ten unique app selections. And that’s just the tip of the iceberg for Rapid.

We’ve also been working hard on developing solutions, full end-to-end options for businesses. For example, we’re very proud of our H-Gateway (seen above) solution, which is currently a live project. This solution took months of infrastructure and development work to make sure it was both powerful and flawless, and we’re always looking for ways to continue improving. Our close relationship with SAP has opened plenty of business opportunities for us and allowed us to innovate even further.

Our website, which has undergone some redesigns in the past year, reflects our varied offerings. We’ve worked hard to create solutions for many verticals, including telcom and healthcare, which offered unique challenges that our team overcame. We’ve made significant advancements in healthcare, wholesale, and business, as well as progressed our cloud hosting and enterprise mobility solutions.

“I’m so proud of our team,” said Felipe Zuniga, business development manager. “They’ve been a huge part of the mobile revolution and healthcare innovation. Our apps and solutions are top quality thanks to our talented team.”