Rapid on Graphic Design

Rapid considers itself very lucky to have its share of talented graphic artists. Last year, we hired on two young, talented designers who really took hold of Rapid’s image and molded it into the sharp, professional look our apps have today.
Rapid has always tried to be on the cutting edge of user experience and user interfaces. We love taking new approaches to traditional functions: our Human Resources Suite app, for example, takes the old idea of a time-entry spreadsheet and updates it into something both visually appealing and more functional for smartphones and tablets. We approach all of our designs this way: there’s almost always a better way to show and process information than what’s currently out there.

Our web/UI designer Maggie Lu joined us in June of last year and quickly adopted Rapid’s unique design perspective.”I came to Rapid Consulting Services not knowing much about mobility and user interface designs,” she says. “But over the course of time that I have worked here, I have learned a lot about the ‘look-and-feel’ of today’s trending smartphones, as well as my aesthetic skills as a designer.”

Rapid’s lead UX/UI designer, Natsuko Kimijima, has been a huge part of the look and feel of Rapid’s apps. “Mobile and web applications are key for us,” she says, ” so I am taking the lead in developing simple and usable interfaces and beautiful visual graphics.”