Rapid on our Driving Force for 2014

So now that Rapid is back from a wonderful Winter holiday, we’re ready to hit the ground running and get involved with some exciting new projects! Without giving too much away, we wanted to briefly touch on a few areas we’re looking into in 2014, and our predictions for the new year.

Our Rapid team is working hard on bringing some new technologies into the mix. 2013 was a huge year for mobility, and the technology behind mobile grew impressively over twelve months. Especially in the realm of iOS 7 and the iPhone 5s, we’re going to start developing solutions that will grow alongside the new technology.

2013 was a tremendous year for Rapid in the field of Healthcare. We made some very impressive strides in bringing about solutions like Mother’s Milk and MedSales. And while we’re still developing and improving those technologies, we’re also stepping up to the plate in the Telcom vertical. Keep an eye on our Field Force Management app: big things are coming.

More Hospitals, More Mobility:
We loved working on the Mother’s Milk solution and implementing it into area hospitals. It was a challenge, but tremendously rewarding. In 2014, we want to take more systems mobile and improve patient outcomes even further.

In the coming year we want to not only push the boundaries of mobile apps, but also mobile services. Ever-improving our Mobility as a Service offerings, we’re looking forward to being an end-to-end mobility solutions provider for enterprise and large companies alike.