Rapid on Wound Capture

Rapid Consulting is proud to announce our newest app, Wound Capture! Wound Capture is an app built for iTouch devices for use in hospitals and healthcare centers which need to record an incoming patient’s injuries.

04-select-area-01-frontThe current system of recording a patient’s wounds at a hospital is time-consuming and prone to delays and errors. A nurse would have to take a picture of the injury, write up a report, print out the photograph, attach it to the report, and finally scan it for an electronic copy and file it away. But with smart technology, those steps can be streamlined and performed all from one device.

That’s the power of Wound Capture. Wound Capture can take a picture of the injury, record notes, and save and send the report wirelessly from a smart device. Patient information, including vital and necessary information about any wounds and injuries, is readily accessible and sharable. Yet the whole system is secure from every point, requiring badge scanning and/or ID input to function and supported by the Rapid H-Gateway on the backend.

We’re very proud of this new app we’ve developed and we know it can be a tremendous value to medical professionals. Read more about it here!