SAP Fiori and the Future of UI/UX Design for SAP Customers

SAPFioriSAP Fiori is the new user experience (UX) for SAP software that applies modern design principles. SAP Fiori was launched last year as a comprehensive collection of apps with a consumer-like UX to improve the user experience of core SAP software functions with an intuitive design.

At Sapphire this year, they (SAP) announced that SAP Fiori user experience (UX) and SAP Screen Personas software will now be included within underlying licenses of SAP software. For existing customers, SAP will provide a software credit redeemable against future software sales. In addition, SAP will offer a portfolio of UX services, including design, rapid deployment and

custom development, to enhance customer engagement. SAP users can now take advantage of a next-generation user experience based on modern design principles setting a new standard in the industry.

SAP Fiori UX speak a

consistent design language and makes use of a common technical infrastructure. By blurring traditional computing boundaries and by using interactive and attractive UI elements, they provide a consistent end-to-end user experience and can be used across all device types.

The SAP Fiori launchpad is the central entry hub to all SAP Fiori apps, where users access apps via tiles. Organized by roles, within the launchpad are services for navigation, personalization, single sign-on, and search. The launchpad and the tiles are flexible and can be adapted to your needs.

SAP fiori_design

SAP also provides a set of tools and technologies, such as SAP Screen Personas, that enable customers and partners to quickly personalize SAP software for their enterprise. Currently, there are more than 300 apps that use the SAP Fiori UX. SAP also announced the beta release of SAP River Rapid Development Environment  (SAP River RDE) as part of SAP HANA Cloud Platform. This development environment, provisioned on the Web, intends to bring simplification and productivity to developers.


SAP has been quite busy lately as you can see from the recent announcements at Sapphire. With SAPUI5 they have built a client-side HTML5 and JavaScript-based rendering library and programming model that is optimized for consumption of SAP data. It combines new qualities such as openness and buy levitra 20mg riv flexibility with known SAP strengths such as enterprise readiness and product standard support.

At Rapid we have been at the forefront of UI/UX Design for Mobile Applications for a number of years, we are really excited

at the direction SAP is taking with these new technologies. We will be embracing SAP Fiori and SAPUI5 for cross platform application development and focusing on helping SAP Customers by collaboratively designing, developing and deploying applications that deliver amazing user experiences. Stay tuned…


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