In-memory computing is technology that allows the processing of massive quantities of real-time data in the main memory of the server to provide immediate results from analyses and transactions.

What is SAP HANA?

SAP HANA is a modern platform for real-time analytics and applications. It enables organizations to analyze business operations based on a large volume and variety of detailed data in real-time. It can create flexible analytic models based on real-time and historic business data. It will be the foundation for a new category of applications (e.g., planning, simulation) that will significantly outperform current applications. It also helps to minimize data duplication.

Flexible Real Time Analytics
  • Real-time customer profitability
  • Effective marketing campaign spend based on large-volume data analysis
Improve Business Performance
  • IT rapidly-delivered, flexible solutions and enabled business
  • Sped-up billing and reconciliation cycles for complex goods manufacturers
  • Planning and simulation on the fly based on actual non-aggregated data

Mobile Applications

SAP HANA for Mobile Applications can analyze information in real-time at unprecedented speeds on large volumes of non-aggregated data and deliver to applications running on mobile devices via the Sybase platform.

At Rapid, we can help you build HANA-based Mobile Applications using the Sybase Platform.