As more employees are using their iPhones and iPads for business purposes, companies are facing increased demand to provide enterprise application management. The empowering user interface combined with broad functionality makes mobile devices unique tools that are transforming real-time communications and creating the need for problem-solving applications. Companies must prepare for a rapid increase in demand for internal applications both enterprise-wide and by individual departments.

Rapid E-app Store

Employers need cost-effective solutions that are easy to track, manage, and deploy in the network environment. These tools must accommodate users with different skill levels and simplify the task of managing yet another system, all while ensuring the security of the entire enterprise mobile computing environment. Furthermore, the toolkit has to be easy for developers to use so it is quick and easy to develop both enterprise-wide and custom web-based mobile applications. An effective solution needs to handle the three key challenges of offering enterprise mobile computing: creating applications, managing the applications, and then deploying and maintaining the applications.


The application Store ensures authentication to the enterprise-specific method, e.g., Active Directory, LDAP, or private database.

Authorization and Roles

Ensures that in-house apps are run by currently-authorized members of the organization.

Version Checking

Ensures that the app is the correct version, updating the app automatically to the current version if necessary.

App Templates

Ready-to-go apps that can be easily modified by developers to create apps in hours, not days. The Store ships with a video delivery app, document delivery app, and will also include additional app templates as they become available.

Push Notification

Allows applications to use Appleā€™s push notification service with a set of easy-to-use libraries.

Reporting & Tracking

Provides reporting on who is using which apps, and also supports popular third-party reporting systems via integration with the Admin dashboard.

By using our App Store solution, organizations can cost-effectively simplify the creation, management, and deployment of enterprise mobile applications. Whether its native or web based, the E-app Store’s applications eliminate the need for expensive middleware layers.