Over the next decade, businesses that seek competitive advantage from more effective online collaboration will need to acquire a keen awareness of what these changes involve and how they are materializing.

Rapid sees a change occurring in the enterprise social technology landscape and the opportunity for organizations to take advantage of it. Improve productivity and efficiency, increase insight and teamwork, and boost flexibility and innovation with solutions for collaborative decision making. Empower your business network with integrated processes that enable collaboration and coordination delivered anywhere, anytime. Connect every person on your team and give them the resources they need to succeed.

SAP Streamwork

SAP StreamWork is a collaboration tool built by SAP AG. It allows real-time collaboration on business projects, such as data analysis, decision-making, and meetings. Using this tool, you can strategize, problem-solve, and drive action collaboratively across multiple business tools.

Rapid offers this service as a means of providing businesses with valuable tools that can enable an increase in productivity and coordination. All data is held within a single, secure environment for access across multiple platforms from many individuals. Let Rapid hook you up with SAP StreamWork today!

Social Integration

Social Media is the new frontier of enterprise business. By utilizing the unique advantages of social media platforms, enterprise businesses can engage with their consumer base in new and exciting ways. Diversify your media content, stay in touch, and increase your company’s visibility!

Our mobile applications now incorporate social media feeds so that our users can receive real-time updates directly into their application. It’s the first and only solution that brings together people, information, and business methods to drive innovation and connectivity. Stay in sync with notifications, activity streams, and action items and follow discussions, documents, and events for any work-related activity with ease and efficiency.