Tablets in Trouble?

Tablet devices are facing the biggest little problem in the business world. Even with increased sales, especially of Apple’s popular iPad, tablets aren’t being used to their full potential in a business environment. Aside from particular jobs which all but require tablet use, tablets are seen as lacking the productivity of a computer and the mobility of a smartphone, being viagra sans ordonnance stuck in a worst-of-both-worlds situation. Larry Dignan at ZDNet has the scoop.

Dignan identifies a few key problems with tablets and why they aren’t seeing more use in a white-collar workspace. “Tablets aren’t quite mobile enough and not quite productive enough,” he writes. “Tablets are companion devices when I increasingly want to vote a device or two off the island.” His biggest concern actually mirrors early reviews of tablets, when the device was a newcomer to the popular technology scene. Many critics believed that, at a certain point, the customer’s best option is going to be a laptop and not a tablet. The phone is essential, but between taking a computer to work and taking a tablet to work, the computer is almost always the best option. Dignan explains: “To date, I haven’t quite found that convergence device, but it’s pretty clear the tablet isn’t it. For a tablet to be a convergence device you may need a keyboard, a smartcover of some sort, and maybe a few adapters. Add it up and all you’ve done is cobble together an ultrabook or MacBook Air.”

The tablet is limited in both how much work can be done with it (typing on that little screen is just not gonna happen over extended periods of time) and how mobile it is (it doesn’t fit in your pocket). There are absolutely a few cases in which a lightweight and physically small tablet (with a touchscreen, of course) is downright convenient. It’s an excellent way to interact with customers at retail locations, for example, something you wouldn’t do with a laptop. But as a business device in an office setting, it just doesn’t hit all the right notes.

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