The Economy of Unscale

It has taken a surprisingly short time for technology to be adapted to human life as if it were second nature. Every aspect of our day to day routine is affected by technology, and businesses both large and small are taking advantage of the new era. viagra sans ordonnance Hemant Taneja at Tech Crunch recently posted an article in which he explains exactly how technology is breaking all the old rules of economy and creating a new, exciting space for enterprise where previously there was only a sinkhole under the house.

In the 80s and 90s, only the biggest companies were capable of creating software that saw household use. It was even more difficult to get into the hardware industry. But now that new, powerful mobile platforms are available (often times a service), enterprise can now disrupt that old guard and companies of a handful of people can be household names.

Technology has levelled the playing field for new companies to some extent, while at the same time offering new opportunities to old companies. Old, outdated systems can now be completely overhauled by mobility and smart computing: sometimes, just doing something as simple as adopting paperless accounting can be a game-changer. The “new economies of unscale,” as quoted by Taneja, offer “next-generation business platforms that provide small business owners with simple and beautiful tools to compete. We’re finally moving beyond byzantine processes and complicated workflows to mobile-enabled software centered on clarity and accessibility.”

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