UIX Design for SAP Work Manager 6.1

Recently Team Rapid has been working on some new concepts for UI Design for the Work Manger application which was one of Syclo’s most popular products prior to SAP purchasing them. Now called SAP Work Manager, this has replaced SAP’s Mobile Infrastructure‐based Mobile Asset Management solution.

The traditional UI/UX for SAP based mobile applications follow their standard design for uniformity. In Rapid’s world it’s all about the User
Experience (UIX) and we strive to make applications just that little bit sexier.

UIX design choices needs to recognize that some devices and operating systems are sometimes incapable of delivering great user experiences for applications. This is particularly relevant for those dated, often ruggedized devices running “old skool” operating systems like Windows Mobile 6. End users

don’t always appreciate such challenges when it comes to using mobile applications, the paradigm has shifted they are now influenced by the UIX of their smart phones and consumer mobile apps. Traditionally the effect of the meta‐driven approach for app development was that the UIX was not designed to

deliver a ‘consumer’ grade experience.

With the launch of Work Manager 6.1 we thought we would push the boundary for UIX with a branded app for one of our clients that presented modernizing the dated interface that gets delivered out of the box from SAP. We plan to use Agentry OpenUI API, which provdes the interface to support development of custom controls to display within the Agentry

Client.The API enables you to override and display https://www.acheterviagrafr24.com/sildenafil-generique-prix-maroc/ the custom control for any field edit type of a detail screen field in the Agentry Client. The API supports communication between the control and the client, including information about changes to the underlying field, data capture in

the custom control, and other similar interactions.

Before this how the SAP Work Manager standard screen looks like:


We decided that the application needed a “NEW” home screen after login for the user to have a selection of choices instead of

the navigation from the bottom at the Work Order main screen,

this was needed especially for the tablet version.


One of the requirements from our clients was to visually see the importance of the work order, so we added a color schema to identify the priority of each work order:


The Login Screen was also revamped to our customers brand and corporate guidelines.


Our changes also applied to the iPhone version:



Stay tuned for part

2 to this post as we explore design changes on Windows Tablets and explore new ruggedized sleds for iOS that will power our clients new application in the field.